We are a family owned business and provide a personal, relaxing and enjoyable experience of Iceland. We love our landscape and enjoy traveling and our mission is to help others experience Iceland as we do. An experience you will always remember and cherish but we come as we are and we will tell it like it is. There are no extravagance in our service but our goal is to make your experience be as if you are traveling with a friend, an Icelandic friend in our beautiful Iceland. We provide tours to our greatest hits like the golden Circle tour and Thorsmork but we are also keen on showing the places others tourist don’t go out of there way to experience. We offer customized itinerary for individual or groups and will help you make a plan on your ideas and budget. We also offer hotel and airport pickup. We have a 4×4 vehicle up to 14 person and we can accommodate travel arrangements for even large groups if required.

Feel free to contact us and tell us about your ideas and desires and let’s see if we can get there together.

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Birgir Freyr Birgisson, General manager of Beautiful-Iceland.com
Birgir Freyr Birgisson, General manager of Beautiful-Iceland.com

Birgir Freyr Birgisson (Biggi)
Managing Director and founder.
e-mail: biggi@Beautiful-Iceland.com
tel. +354 821-4600
Ekiga: birgirfreyr@ekiga.net (Skype Replacement)
Telegram: @birgirfreyr
GnuPGP encrypted e-mail on request










Fanna Smári - Director of Transport
Fanna Smári – Director of Transport

Fannar Smári Vilhjálmsson (Fannar)
Director of transport.
e-mail: fannar@Beautiful-Iceland.com
Tel: +354 661 5570