Experience Iceland… With us.

We are a family owned business and we provide a personal, relaxing and enjoyable experience of Iceland. The landscape in Iceland is uniq in many ways and we want to help you experience Iceland like Icelanders do…. More

Golden Circle Tours

See a few of the famous sites of Iceland on the golden circle which includes the hidden lagoon, the famous but dormant Geysir and the mighty Goldfalls (Gullfoss).

Price from 79.900 kr.

South Coast day trip

Visit the glacier Lagoon from 130.900 ikr

Snæfellsnes peninsula

Visit the beautiful peninsula Often called Iceland in Miniature because of the many national sights can be seen in the area, including the Snæfellsjökull volcano, Waterfalls, caves, lava fields…

119.000 kr.


Golden Circle Tour from 79.900 ikr